Fractures With Heartburn Drugs: Nexium and Prilosec

Suffering from heartburn is not a nice thing, so the easiest way to ease the discomfort is to take drugs designed just for the job. However, we have since learned that Nexium and Prilosec, which should ease heartburn can actually cause bone fractures if you take it for more than 12 months.

Associated Press reports that the FDA has taken a closer look at a number of recent studies, more than a dozen patients who have taken these two drugs for more than a year suffered fractures to the spine, wrist and hip. Those who suffered these fractures were all over 50 and took the drug from one to 12 years.

It is still not understood how there is a link between the two, but the FDA will need to investigate the issue much closer. Something will need to be done soon as the combined sales of Nexium and Prilosec amounted to $13.6 billion in 2009.

Until the FDA has completed its investigation both drugs will carry new labels warning of these new dangers to the heartburn drugs.


  • Kate

    I'm 63 and have taken Prevacid for 12 years. I've been asking for help to get off this drug for a few years now, but the doctors always tell me I need it and would be much worse off without it. Now here's talk about fractures! Why aren't doctors helping people, especially those my age who would have a harder time recovering from fractures, to get off the drug instead of telling us to keep taking it? I can not just quit it without something else to help me with the daily reflux. I have been taking the lower dose OTC Prevacid since it became available and it's worked fine most of the time. But I'd really like to get off proton pump inhibitors altogether.


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