Ford Focus 2011 supported with $135m EV investment

U.S. auto giant Ford have said that they will invest $135 million into its hybrid-electric vehicles, two vehicles to benefit from the investment will be the 2011 Ford Focus Electric along with the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. It is thought that this latest cash injunction will create 220 new jobs in Ford’s Michigan plant.

These jobs will cover a wide range of areas, such as engineering and design – all will have a role to play in the development of key system for the new range of hybrid-electric vehicles. As well as the two models mentioned above, Ford will introduce the Transit Connect Electric – also due out later this year. Nissan already has a head-start with the Leaf – more information here.

Ford hopes that this investment will help to develop another five new models in 2012 with the electric drivetrain – 50 electric vehicle engineers will make up part of the 220 new jobs at Ford, that’s according to Anita Lienert from Inside Line

Ford have given themselves a bold plan – hoping that 25 percent of its vehicles will run on full or part electric by 2020. We all know that drivers around the world want to do their part in reducing carbon emissions, and having a huge automaker on side will help.



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