Comcast Extreme 105Mbps Broadband: Requires Arris WBM760 Modem

By Peter Chubb - May 26, 2010

Comcast have been planning to increase the speed of its broadband service, and have finally unveiled its plans with its Extreme 105Mbps Broadband service. However, the only problem is that you will need to use an Arris WBM760 Modem to gain these speeds.

Comcast Extreme 105 will give you download speeds of 105Mbps and upload speeds of 10Mbps. Having access to such speed will come at a price, according to Electronista the new faster Comcast broadband service will cost $200 per month – an install fee of $249 is also required.

Once Comcast launch this new service it will be the most accessed Internet service in the U.S. This will certainly be a kick in the teeth for CableVision’s 101Mbps service, along with Verizon upcoming FiOS service.

Would you be prepared to pay $200 per month for a 105Mbps broadband service?

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  • The ARRIS WBM-760A itself is not that hard a cable modem to self-install; I did exactly that two hours ago (picked up from Comcast Lanham/Seabrook, MD – 9609 Annapolis Road/MD450).  While generally I prefer Motorola cable modems (I’ve owned two), this ARRIS modem is definitely not poor by any stretch.

  • I have the extreme 50 service now, and am pretty happy with it….running speed tests, I usually get about 57MBps average, the top speed I got was 64MBPS down, 23.34MBPS up….of course depends on the server, etc, but would I pay $200 for 105? i don't know yet…I pay $136 a month now for 12 months including digital preferred & 4 so-called "premium" channels including taxes and modem/converter/DVR rental costs

  • Dnice808

    Love the idea that we are approaching better speeds but you want to talk about niche users?!? @ $200 a month you can expect very slow inception. Just wrong timing in the economy and not enough justification. Even $10 more a month would be a stretch without some sort of inclusion of everything. I do my best to pay as close to $100 for both my broadband and cable, but then you want to advertise (LOL, they will NEVER advertise that price) a high cost for JUST residential broadband? It will go the way of the DVD and BluRay – It will sit pretty doing nothing much but waiting for those few ignorant souls that JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT FIRST. Then as time goes by the price will come down to heights that even my frugal technologist self can actually attain.

    • I have to agree with you D…some people just gotta have the "new thing" b4 all others….and thats where the profits come in….once the "new thing" ain't so "new" anymore, down goes the price….and the profits….

    • Juan T

      I have to disagree with D on this. Personally i would pay 100 for the Extreme 50 service. 200 is too much for my needs. But to say no one is going to pay is way off as well. I work from home so having 10mbs upload is crucial so I will pay 100 for 50/10. But paying 200 for 105/10 isn't needed since upload is my concern. 50 down is plenty for my work/gaming/voip/streaming needs. But I bet I bet plenty of people would pay for the 105 perk. If they make it so expensive that only the people that need it get it. It will give them time to continue to ramp up their infrastructure to support those speeds when more people need it and they drop the price.