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Comcast Extreme 105Mbps Broadband: Requires Arris WBM760 Modem

Comcast have been planning to increase the speed of its broadband service, and have finally unveiled its plans with its Extreme 105Mbps Broadband service. However, the only problem is that you will need to use an Arris WBM760 Modem to gain these speeds.

Comcast Extreme 105 will give you download speeds of 105Mbps and upload speeds of 10Mbps. Having access to such speed will come at a price, according to Electronista the new faster Comcast broadband service will cost $200 per month – an install fee of $249 is also required.

Once Comcast launch this new service it will be the most accessed Internet service in the U.S. This will certainly be a kick in the teeth for CableVision’s 101Mbps service, along with Verizon upcoming FiOS service.

Would you be prepared to pay $200 per month for a 105Mbps broadband service?



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