BMW In 2010: 600bhp street-legal modified BMW M3s

For those of you who thought that the 400bhp BMW M3 was powerful enough then think how insane it would be to pump 600bhp in them. Well that is just what German tuner G-Power has done with the M3 GT2 S and M3 Tornado CS.

The most interesting fact is that both vehicles are street legal – now that is totally mental. Both vehicles come with a supercharger kit along with a titanium exhaust system. Both will do 0-62mph in just over four seconds and will reach a top speed of 199mph.

Both vehicles have been on a diet, gone are those heavy rear bumpers and rear wings – in its place are carbon units. G Power have managed to shave off 150kg – that’s a whole load of weight saving.

For those looking to purchase one, then you will need £120,000 for the GT2 S. That’s £15,000 more than the Porsche 911 GT3 R3 – if you can get your hands on it that is. For more images visit Top Gear



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