Apple and Dell on Foxconn Suicides: Evaluating Events

Foxconn has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons – the electronics maker should be in the news discussing about its involvement with the upcoming iPhone 4G, but instead has been at the center of a number of suicides. The company is involved with a number of companies, but one has yet to comment on these events – that is all except Apple and Dell.

Apple has expressed their sadness for these apparent suicides and has said that they will inspect the Foxconn facilities where their devices are assembled. According to Kelvin So from Reuters, Apple has been in contact with Foxconn since the tragic events and is taking the matter seriously.

Dell has also commented for the first time, saying that any report of poor working conditions is investigated and that they expect their suppliers to enforce the same standards as they do.

Foxconn have a lot of questions to answer, not only over these suicides but over alleged poor working conditions as well. We now wonder if this will affect the supply chain of some of the worlds most loved electronic devices?



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