1st Missing Child Milk Carton: Justice for 6-Year-Old Boy

It has been reported that a missing child’s case is to be re-opened, despite being somewhat ‘settled’ in 2001. Etan Patz was the first missing child to be featured on a milk carton.

As reported from Washinton Post, Patz disappeared in 1979 and no offender was imprisoned for the defence when it occured during the time. Patz was declared dead in 2001, while an imprisoned child molester was declared the prime suspect over the case.

Remarkably, the office of District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr said recently that the case is to be re-opened and they will be looking in to it.

The case itself was declared one of the most extensive missing child cases in history – you can read much more details over at CNN here.

Could Etan still be alive some 30 years since he went missing? Let us know your thoughts on this story. We will update you with further information on the case as we get it.


  • Gina

    I may know someone who takes a different name that looks just like him all grown up. It’s weird how similar. Where can I see an age progression?

  • guest

    Etan disappeared in 1979, not 1972.

    • Sorry about that, updated.


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