WWDC 2010: What Steve Jobs Won’t Announce

We now know that Steve Jobs will be opening Apple’s WWDC 2010 with his keynote speech, but we have yet to know what the CEO will mention while addressing those at the conference. However, this has not stopped the huge number of rumors circulating the Internet as to what Jobs will say – although it is almost certain that the iPhone 4G will be one of things mentioned.

We all like to surmise what Steve Jobs will say, but Don Reisinger from eWeek thought it would be interesting to know what were the 10 things that Apple’s CEO won’t announce at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Finding this information out is a tough task – especially as Apple is known for being like the secret service.

Firstly we know that Jobs will not mention anything about Flash support – he has already put his final nail in that coffin.

Here are some things that Steve Jobs probably won’t be talking about when he takes the stage at WWDC. Tethering will not get a mention as AT&T still has exclusivity to the iPhone and has said on a number of occasions that it will not support this feature.

Do not expect any mention of a Verizon iPhone – although we still expect to hear something at a later date to coincide with a rumored September release. An open iPhone is something that Steve Jobs will not want to talk about and neither is a price reduction for the ever-popular iPad tablet device.

These are just some of the things that Steve Jobs will not mention at WWDC, for the complete list visit eWeek via the link above.

What do you expect Steve Jobs to announce at this years Worldwide Developers Conference?


  • plainbrad

    “Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz and Lucille LeSueur” and if they have been or not been in his kitchen.

  • Boy

    Jobs had no choice, but to try to bury Flash. Apple chose chips for the iPad and iPhone that can't run Flash 10.

    If Jobs feels so strongly about Flash on mobile devices, remove Flash from Macbooks.


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