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Sony PS3 PSN+ (Premium Service): Info and E3 2010 Reveal

At this time of the year video game and console-related rumors are always circulating due to the upcoming E3 expo, there has been no shortage of rumors this year, however one rumor is beginning to look more and more likely.

This rumor is regarding Sony’s PlayStation Network for PS3, apparently Sony are planning to reveal a premium service dubbed PSN+, this service will give subscribers additional bonuses, however this will come at a price.

Sources suggest prices and further information will be revealed sometime during this year’s E3 event, one thing we can almost guarantee is that PSN+ and standard PSN users will be able to play against each-other.

I don’t really like the sound of the PSN+ service, as I feel Sony may make a lot of content exclusive to paid subscribers, isn’t one of Sony’s biggest advantages over the Xbox 360 it’s free online experience?

Do you like the sound of paying for exclusive PSN content?

Source: JoyStiq


  • jonathantran

    i think as long as whatever is free right now, stays free, and it should be fine
    but one thing for sure is if they have premium content, people will get all itchy about it and want to buy it sooner or later

  • The PSN will still be free so this service sounds awesome. Sony won't charge to play online so is worth it. PS3 paid online service: PSN+?

  • Infinity


  • Jeremy Campbell

    How many chickens in a dozen?

  • Michael

    They have stated before that if there was a pay service that everything we get Now for free, will still be free in the future. So I don't see the big deal at all.

  • Seraph

    not even a little bit.


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