SID 2010 Preview: LG 3DTV UHD Displays

LG have been gearing up for the SID 2010 event which runs today May 25 to May 27 and will preview the world’s largest 84-inch 3DTV UHD (ultra high definition). The Korean consumer electronics maker will also be showing of a range of other 3D-TV devices – such as its new 47-inch model.

The new 47-inch LG 3DTV will require you to wear special glasses so you can get the full benefit of this new technology – something that I am still not convinced on. I still believe that it is a gimmick and within a year will be forgotten about.

LG will also have a 47-inch liquid lens 3DTV on show at the 2010 Society for Information Display – this model is different as it does away with the need for those silly looking glasses. IPS will be another big feature, not sure if people will be interested in this when they get close to that 84-inch display.

Other devices that will make a show at the event include a high-resolution 32-inch monitor, 9.7-inch smartbook, 3.98-inch UHD LCD panel, and much more. For more detail visit OLED-Display



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