Red Dead Redemption: Outfit Guide – Bollard Twin Outfit

By Jamie Pert - May 25, 2010

If you are like a vast majority of the gaming population, you probably went out and bought yourself a copy of Red Dead Redemption. You also probably found out that you can obtain some very unique outfits during your adventure, If you need help (and I’m guessing you do otherwise you wouldn’t be here), then we can provide you with a guide that comes from RDR gamer ‘AshGUTZ‘ over on the MMORPG forums.

To acquire the Bollard Twin Outfit, you will need to visit and explore different locations to find your “scraps”. The list of where you can find these “scraps” can be read below.

Scrap #1: Thieves Landing – For the first scrap you will need to go to Thieves Landing which is located in the NE corner of New Austin. Here is a large building to the west of the “T” in Thieves Guild (seen on the map). Up the stairs you should find a chest which gives you the first piece of your outfit. It is also the place where you rescued Shaky. You can view a video on YouTube to help you find it even quicker.

Scrap #2: Nightwatch Job in MacFarlane’s Ranch – To obtain the second “scrap,” you will need to complete a Nightwatch job. It’s in the starting area.

Scrap #3: Win Horseshoes Game in MacFarlane’s Ranch – This event can be found on your map, and is quite hard to master. But once you get the technique right, should be easy as pie. Recommendation is to aim after you throw, and aim slightly to the right as the player always favors his right side.

Scrap #4: Catch A Bollard Twins Gang Member Alive – First, you have to purchase a newspaper for $1.00 so you can see locations of wanted posters. Second, you must complete a horse catching quest to obtain the Lasso (this is so you can catch people without killing them). Third, do a wanted poster quest and use the Lasso. Easy.

Scrap #5: Defend The Residents of Hennigan’s Stead – Simple quest. Defend the Residents from the Bollard Twins Gang.

Scrap #6: A Purchase – Go to the tailors in Thieves Landing (located at the north tip) and purchase your last “scrap” for $100.00. You can also obtain a few other outfit parts and suits here.

Did this guide help you on your Read Dead Redemption adventure? Do you have any more hints for us? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: AshGUTZ on MMORPG

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  • gaaaa

    It is Theive's Landing

  • Gabathius

    The easiest way to get all of the scraps is to set scrap tracking on from the outfits menu. It leads you straight to the places you need to go. As for scrap 5 it is a random event initiated when travelling between towns etc. A gang will start shooting at you and then you kill them all ang the scrap is awarded.

  • Sukhdeep

    TO get the scarp just stay there and wait for 5 men on horse men (it happneed to me right away) Who are dragging one dude with a lasso kill there horses and the ppl help u out

  • cursedagain

    I got scrap 5 from an encounter along the road between Armadillo and McFarlane's ranch. It's a random encounter and likely not thesame. I saved an older couple who's wagon was getting hijacked. I ran up on em than shot the 3 aiming guns and bam I got the piece. That road right before you head down the ridge towards Armadillo is the best place to find one of these encounters I've had 5 there in the first day since I've started playing.

  • Lordfartzalot

    I got all the scraps apart from the dam horse shoe one 🙁

  • the lord

    where do u buy the newspapers from?

    • maxwell edison

      by any telegraph/train stations

  • Mr. Me

    The Tailor charged me $250 for the scrap…what a ripoff 🙂

    • nativejesus666

      lol….it only costed me 100 but thats cause i beat the game.

      • jo5h

        da last levle very sad aint ih i wont say cause i dont want 2 spoil the game i prefer jack doe

  • Greg Horizontal

    You get scrap 5 for doing random encounter and saving the person, not killing them like I normally do ;P

  • Keith

    Its a job icon. It shows up during evening. Seriously, dont insult a multi million dollar corporation just because you dont understand whats going on static…

  • Jooohn

    to get scrap 5 there's an encounter where a prostitute stops you by the side of the road, and then loads of guys jump out from behind. kill them and she says she didnt mean to do it etc and then it says you defended the residents. well thats what happened to me anyway 🙂

  • static

    Scrap 5 has to have a bug as it's the last one I need to get the Bollard Twins Outfit. I've wasted countless hours wandering around the ranch and have complete countless task (e.g. wagons being attacked, dragged through town behind horses, etc.) and still no scrap.

    I hope Rockstar gets their act together and starts bug testing more thoroughly!

  • LLane

    I got the bounty for a Bollard Twins Gang at the ranch and went to Hanging Rock to get him. After hogtying him, it told me to return him to Armadillo (the yellow blip shows up in Armadillo). I did that and didn't get the clothing scrap for the live bounty. Someone suggested returning him to the ranch, but that didn't work as there was no yellow X to take him to. I have all the other scraps. Anyone else having this issue? What am I doing incorrectly?

    • nativejesus666

      u need to get the bounty from hennigans stead, they appear on the nightwatch building in macfarlene's ranch

    • jo5h

      maybe the BOUNTY got shot wen he was on ur horse it happens me loads of time but i have 2 agmit the BOLLARD TWIN OUTFIT IS LAME its ur normal cowboy outfit but with a red asscot and dossent even make a diffrence

  • skoots

    Yeah… idk how to initiate the "defend the residents" (scrap 5) either… it would be helpful if this part was explained a lil better

  • Bill

    how do you defend the residents at hennigan's stead? where do you go to iniate this?

    • umpa

      i just came across people getting shot at.. so i help em and it was the residents i helped

    • Hando

      After being there for some time do a few saves and there will be a group of mexicans that ride through shotting and such they show up more so before you finish main store in mexico