Red Dead Redemption: Outfit Guide – Deadly Assassin Outfit

By Jamie Pert - May 25, 2010

The Deadly Assassin outfit can only be made available via Pre-Order from retail stores, but to unlock this outfit you must still do a number of tasks. This guide will outline the basics of what you have to do to get your hands on this awesome outfit.

First, you must find a chest that is located in Coot’s Chapel near Armadillo. After this is done, you must then complete the Twin Rocks Hideout quest and then capture or kill Moe van Barr Bounty which is also found in Armadillo.

After killing or capturing Moe, you must win a Duel in Armadillo and then go on to complete the stranger mission entitled “American Appetites.”

Did this guide help you on your Read Dead Redemption adventure? Do you have any more hints for us? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: JustPressStart

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  • RedDead

    How do I get to bring up deadly assassin? I have to buy in a store or what? and tell me how!

  • althewy

    Is this outfit impossible to get just because of glitches

  • fiachra

    red dead is classsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss buy a dedly assasssin outfit card,you can put a code in if you have the card then go on redeadredemption

  • fiachra

    red dead redemption dedly assassin outfit is so esy to get all you have to do is get the dedly assassin card in a shop i got 1 it is hard not getting the card eye ther than getting no card it says a code i wish yyou can just get it……………………………………………………………………

  • fiachra

    gta china wars is crrrrrraaap

  • fiachra

    get gta iv it is soooooooo cool to go on red dead is a good game to go on i got the assassin card

  • fiachra

    buy gta iv it is classssssssssss iam soooooooooo happy that i got the out fit

  • Eriq

    Is there any way to get it without pre-order?

  • Gareth

    If you bothered to read this you would know that you must Pre-Order this game for a code… there is no other way to get the outfit… If you done all the tasks and still dont have it thats why…

  • G-GUNZ28

    Where can i ffnd the poster of WANTED people?

  • Zer0

    I have done most of these things, but I didn’t do them in that order. Will this effect my chance of getting it?

  • MRG78

    I have done all the things on the list`Even in order no tick appears on the list when you kill moe.I have already completed the game great ending by the way but this does spoil the game alot if you have bought the limited edition version.
    I would like to see rockstar refund the difference`The guns and warhorse are not enough to justify the price difference.
    You screwed up big time rockstar`As someone has already said a rushed game.

  • yanni


  • andy

    i didnt buy the pre order version and i have just killed mo van barr and i had alreay completed the american appitites task but i still havent got a scrap check list for the assassin outfit. any1 else have this problem or help?

  • helpme

    I captured/killed mo van barr before I entered the code, is there anything I can do?

  • jammer

    i found a glitch on the x box version and i was driving a horse and cart that was invisible ….the only things you could see were the sacks that were supposed to be on the cart……and when you shot them they fell straight to the floor

  • Alec

    Are you people playing the ps3 version? Cause I have the xbox360 version and the only glitch i've come across is that I did all the stuff up there and I didnt get the assassin outfit. And no i'm not insulting the ps3, it actually has more glitches and bigger ones than the xbox360 version, no lie.

  • skatelahey

    ya this game is rezlly good but it’s filled with mad glitches. my missions start repeating over again with irish, smith and the guy who sells those tonics, i got as far as bringing the minigun out of the mine shaft then all the missions start over again for those 3 characters.

  • asfj

    wheres the chest

    • saf

      In COOTS CHAPEL next to the wall opposite of the piano. It's the Chapel where you first meet the skinny guy – missions marked "S" – that loots the dead body's in the cut scene.

  • Alec

    Certain gamespots are still selling the limited edition so i got one, but the assassin outfit quests can be done before you even get it as a check list, because I've done all that except the first task and I have no checklist or any data saying I can even get it… well except the thing saying I have downloaded it.

  • Exvitermini23

    I also got Rdr Limited Edition…..Used the code and got the golden gun-Warhorse-soundtrack-ed…..When i go 2 Outfit and than highlight deadly assassin outfit,you can see your tasks that you have 2 still have 2 do these things before you get the outfit…except the warhorse and golden gun that's from the beginning.I also got problems by getting Moe van Barr…..i know where to find hem but the them posters r changing names except his one offcourse maybe it's because i did something wrong or maybe faced him and lost or didn't save or something like that.i hope that i will still get him so i can finely use that outfit (Cause i paid for it)!!:( BUG..I love this game but i think it's a little bit to easy….Im playing for a couple off days now and i'm lmost at the end (Story Mode) when im done i'm going for the Outfit tasks and other trophies…….

  • Si

    Damn DLC makes no sense. You can tell it was a rushed effort. What has the mission "American appetites" got to do with being a deadly assassin? Nothing! Glad i didnt get the collectors edition.


    Patch half worked. He now appears but outfit check list doesn't update.

  • simon

    i have captured moe van barr but it dosnt say that on the outfit menu it still says that i need to capture moe van barr

  • Craig

    Rockstar just put out a patch for red dead redemption and now mo van barr comes up as a bounty but ive captured him and didn’t get the oufit so i re loaded an this time i killed him but still no outfit WTF Rockstar if anyone has the same trouble or has found a way without making a new game pls help

    • Will

      yup ive had the same problem, i found the bounty but i killed him then captured him and both times it didnt register.

  • Lloyd

    Do these things need to be done in that specific order? I've done each one and I don't see the suit in my outfit options. Hope Rockstar gets a patch for the Moe Van Barr glitch soon.

    • ginger man

      u have to input the pre-order code otherwise you cant get it

  • Deadly assassin

    I have found the wanted poster, but Mo van Barr is nover on it. I've probably killed/captured all of them now. Is he on another wanted poster?

    • Bargazuppel

      Mo van Barr wanted thingy is bugged… For some ppl like myself the postern doesn't appear and for other it appear but Mo van Barr isn't there. They are working on a patch now

  • Armadillo

    I have done all those things and when I go to safehouse and try to change my outfit, there doesn't appear that: ''press X to change outfit''. How can I wear that Deadly Assassin outfit?

    • mike

      Ohh I went through the same thing, your going to have to finish the "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" which your problaly a few missions away from

    • Bloodling

      You first need to complpete the story. Once you have finished it you can change your outfits again