Red Dead Redemption: Outfit Guide – A Complete Walkthrough

By Jamie Pert - Jul 4, 2010

In Read Dead Redemption, your character can wear up to thirteen different outfits located in the game for specific purposes. Some to show off, some of which gives you different benefits for certain situations. This post will aim to tell you where you can purchase or find these outfits and the benefit they have on your game.

First off is the default outfit that Marston wears, the regular Cowboy Outfit. It has no beneficiaries. The Gentleman’s Attire can be obtained by joining the Rockstar Social Club, and also lets you play higher stakes in your Poker games at Black Water. Every Cowboy needs an Elegant Suit, just to prove they can look good. This can be purchased from the tailor in Thieves Landing, and letting you in on a little secret, you can be very Elegant by cheating on Poker games.

The Duster Coat can be obtained by reaching the “Peacemaker” Honor Rank, and will protect you from the Trail Dust. A Mexican Poncho can also be purchased at any safe house in Mexico for $150. No benefits for wearing it though.

You can also get the US Marshall Uniform by infiltrating all US Gang hideouts within 1 game time day, which also can not be done until “The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed” mission has been completed. If you acquire this outfit, US Law or Marshall’s will no longer pursue you.

If you complete “The Outlaw’s Return,” you will receive Rancher Clothing and Legend of the West can be gotten by completing the “Survivalist, “Treasure Hunter”, “Sharpshooter”, and “Master Hunter” challenges. This will increase the ability of your Dead Eye.

When you get 100% completion on the game, you will receive the Bureau Uniform which will allow you to do whatever the hell you cowboy’s do without having to worry about a thing.

We have also gone into detail about how to obtain the Bollard Twins Outfit on this post, and the Deadly Assassin’s Outfit here.

Other outfits we have not yet covered, but may do so are the US Army Outfit, the Treasure Hunter Outfit, The Reyes’ Rebels Outfit and the Bandito Outfit. You can find out how to obtain these outfits via JustPressStart.

Did this guide help you on your Read Dead Redemption adventure? Do you have any more hints for us? Let us know in the comment section below.

Update: We have now written detailed guides on how to acquire pretty much all of the Red Dead Redemption outfits, simply click on the outfit to see our guide. Bollard Twin Outfit, Deadly Assassin Outfit, US Army Outfit, Treasure Hunter Outfit, Reyes’ Rebels Outfit and the Bandito Outfit.

Source: JustPressStart

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  • general butt naked

    i have broken the hungarian half breed and the kentucy and the american how come i didnt get the acheivement

  • Genrealironfist

    hi i am having trouble geting the legend of the west outfit can anyone help me ?

  • fucen beyotch

    are u a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome person?

  • gvdfd


  • Darragh

    now you are able to download the hunting and trading witch you unlock the sazzy merchant and the expert hunter outfits.there are now 16 outfits

  • king

    outfit 14 is for the people who reserved it at gamestop

  • Bonnie

    how can i add outfit 14?

  • a lump of crump

    i need to know how to play liars dice is so confusing

  • michael

    im at 98.7% n i dnt know what else to do i done everything i can do so what am i missing

  • kris

    Hi everyone,
    My brother's been having a problem with the purchase at Thieves Landing. He's done all the Scraps but whenever he's in Thieves Landing, the tailor is not IN the shop. I'm not sure but could the Honor "Hero" title have anything to do with it? Coz Marston gets attacked by the Bollard Twins gang whenever he's there.

    As for my game, I managed to get all stuff from the tailor but my honor isn't maxed up yet. Could it have anything to do with it?

    Please help 🙁

    • outlawdipper22

      i dont think its a problem with the honor cuz im a "hero" to and i do not have that problem. what it could be is that somehow when he was in theives landing the store clerk got killed and it will take 5 game days for him to come back. either u or the bollard gang killed him. soo wait 5 game days and see if hes there then write on this again. other than that i dont know. hope that works bro.

  • ian

    wat r u ment to do wen u play as jack i cant find anymore mishions???

    • Frank

      Really? "mishions"…. u canot b serios

      • Timmy_James

        I'tts mishuns dumbie…… "missions"

    • outlawdipper22

      there are no more missions after u become jack. when u become jack the main story is over and u are to do what ever u want….hunt,stranger mission, rob banks,do mini-games like poker or liers dice or somethin, or just be creative and have fun create an image for jack in cities u enter.

    • Moogene

      When you become Jack you can then do an extra ending to the storyline. Go to the Blackwater Gazebo and do the stranger mission there. This will enable the stranger mission with the extra ending.

    • jman

      you can do stranger missions and do what ever you want like finding out fits orget drunk hahahahahahahh 🙂

    • Walker texas ranger

      After u beat the story an become jack, go to black water an talk to agent near city hall to get info on the man who killed john "jacks daddy" then make ur way down to mexico to his house, talk to his wife,.she will tell u he's out duck hunting with his brother, when u find him challenge him to a duel an kill his yellow bellied behind, an finally get ur "RED DEAD REDEMPTION"…lol ..then its all stranger missions an hunting, an whatever the hell it is ppl do out in the old west….have fun…lol

  • Doc Holiday

    What all do I have to do to get 100%? I’ve beaten the game n done everything I can.. I think

    • outlawdipper22

      Challenges, Stranger missions, outfit scraps, jobs in each of the cities that offer them……. o and ur name is supposed to be spelled doc HALLADAY

  • stephen

    Hi i am having trouble getting the US Marshal outfit i really want it 🙂 any more tips would be handy. is it just the USA gang hideouts not the ones in Mexico just the ones in usa what i think is 5? Please reply !

  • Craig

    its the American Standard Bred

  • Matt

    how do you buy the black horse in the general store . cant remember its real name ,america something

    • John Marston

      The American Standard bred is located west of blackwater at the location of the great plains while ZOOMED IN. that's where i found it. just break it and then you can purchase it from the general store.

    • jonnyboy

      you have to break it in the wild for it to become avaliable in the store(american standerdbred)

    • Norwegian

      You can't buy it in the stores, unless you've captured it in the wildness..