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New iPhone 4G: New Codename and Video Chat Confirmed

We have some exciting news to deliver to everyone thinking of picking up the new iPhone 4G this Summer, as we can tell you that video chat has been confirmed as a feature in the upcoming device.

An unnamed source has provided details via Twitter, which states that director Sam Mendes is due to direct a series of iPhone 4G commercials, which will feature two people interacting with the new video chat features.

Furthermore, the source also confirms that the device used in the ads is the same design seen in the Gizmodo and Vietnam prototype leaks and that Apple are referring to the device internally as the ”Mammoth and N90”.

We all knew video chat was coming thanks to the SDK released weeks ago, but it is nice to have this confirmed in black and white. Just a few days to go until WWDC – give us your reaction to the news.




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