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Motorola Greco XT502: Concept Photo, Specs and Release Info

Over the last year Motorola have been releasing impressive Android smartphones, which compete directly with some of the most popular handsets out there. A new handset called the Motorola Greco XT502 has recently been revealed, and looks to be a competitor in the mid-high end market.

Full details are unknown at present, however we can confirm that it will run Google Android (hopefully 2.2 FroYo), as for hardware it should feature a touchscreen display, WiFi, GPS, a 3.5mm headphone jack along with quad-band EDGE and tri-bad 3G connectivity.

No proper images of the handset have been release yet, however you can see a concept image here, as we find more detailed images we will keep you posted.

Carrier and release details are currently unclear, IntoMobile suggest that the handset will almost definitely launch in China and perhaps in North America, however this is all unconfirmed.

Source: IntoMobile



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