Microsoft’s Robbie Bach Retiring: Benefits for Zune, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7

We have recently heard that Robbie Bach is retiring as the president of Microsoft’s entertainment division, this division is what controls the development of Zune portable media players, Xbox video game consoles and Windows Phone 7.

With pressure growing from Google, Apple and Sony it is thought Bach may feel it is time for a change for Microsoft and his personal life, he has ran the entertainment division for 5 years, which is a long time in the World of technology.

Apparently Bach’s future will be surrounding non-profit work and family time, he is known for working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, therefore I am sure a lot of his non-profit work will be with this club.

There is no guarantee that this will infact have a beneficial affect on the Zune, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7, however Apple and Google’s dominance of the smartphone market suggests that Microsoft are in need of a rethink.

Source: WSJ


  • chieftom

    Many have suggested that because others dominate a market that MS should not try to enter it, that to do so is a losing proposition.

    Apple had no position in the MP3 player market when they entered it and there were dominate players.

    Google had no position in the Smartphone market when they brought out Android and Apple and Blackberry dominated that market.

    So I have to say that the evidence suggests that the right thing to do is to enter markets where there are dominate players and challenge them.

    You may fall flat on your face, or you may become the market leader. Or you may only get 20% of a market worth $100 billion. $20 billion is nothing to sneeze at.


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