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Killzone 3 (PS3): Release Date Set by Sony, Vehicles and More

Are you looking forward to the 3D jetpacking action which Killzone 3 will be offering? If so we have some good news for you, it seems as if Sony have set a release date for the game’s release.

According to a recent article posted on ComputerAndVideoGames Sony has internally set a release date for Killzone 3, apparently we should expect it in May 2011, which is slightly more accurate than the Spring 2011 release date which was previously rumored.

Some other details were also ‘reaffirmed’, such as more than one online co-op mode, including a standard two-player co-op and a four-player co-op as well. As for standard multiplayer gaming, we can expect to see vehicles too.

Other confirmations include PlayStation Move compatibility, Stereoscopic 3D gameplay, jetpacks with guns on them, all of which seem pretty neat. For more information check out the source link below.

Source: ComputerAndVideoGames



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