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HTC Desire: Android 2.2 Froyo Update Release Date in June?

We have some exciting news for HTC Desire owners now, as we have a rumored release date for the update to Android 2.2 Froyo – direct from a HTC customer service rep.

As reported from Phandroid, a frustrated Desire owner contacted HTC to seek assistance on the lack of space to install applications on the phone.

During the telephone conversation, the HTC rep apparently mentioned the following information: ”But you never heard this from me…. A new update is coming the 23rd of June and you will be able to put some apps on to the micro sd card.”

If the release date information is legit, then surely this HTC rep is in for a whole world of pain with his company. Great news for Desire owners though – let the speculation begin.

What are your thoughts on the conversation? Do you think the update will land end of June or not?


  • Adam

    It was announced that the HTC Desire, would be one of the first to receive the 2.2 froyo update, when the update was announced by Google, and seeing as the desires twin brother/sister, the nexus one (HTC manufactured) has already received it, it shouldn’t be long till the desire, HTC just have to update the Sense UI, anyone who says a man or woman told them on the phone is a bit rubbish as wouldn’t it be against company policy, and how would they know exactly? There only customer service, that is all.

  • Will

    They had better think about releasing the update soon or im moving to iphone 4, come on… sort it out google / HTC!!! You are going to lose out of you dont!

  • Gamerhansen

    Now it´s the 24th of june and i havent got eny update yet. Still waiting HTC!!!

  • Simon

    It’s not coming out for ages I just called up HTC and they said that’s the release date for 2.1 for the older HTC models like the HTC hero ect. They said that they have only just announced it so its not gonna come out for ages, some people just make things up for websites views.

  • anon123

    Today is the day. Have you guys heard anything yet? I bet not.

  • Simon

    It won’t come out because the updates always come out late for example my friend has a HTC hero and last year they were ment to bring out 2.1 for it but they didn’t and them they said it would come out on the 16 April 2010 but it didn’t and nothins been said about it, and that always happens with android.

    • JAN

      It's not Androids fault, it's HTC own fault. They need to apply the Sense UI to the Android 2.2 update first.

      But I agree that HTC sucks on communication, though they haven't said anything official regarding the date.

  • Jonathan

    I think most of the phones that's getting android 2.2 will be updated within the same week. I have a myTouch 1.2 and I'm on board for 2.2. But my question is why would that rep tell him that knowing the calls are recorded? All I know is that June is the month for android 2.2. Can't wait!

  • Mike H

    I got the Desire when only Carphone warehouse had it and the only contract I could get was with Vodafone, (I wanted Orange though). I love the phone especially the big screen and Navigate in Google maps. It's not perfect I know, a couple of on-off resets so far to solve some problems but it is a whole universe away from the Nokia E71 I had before. I really-really-really-really… hope 2.2 comes to the Desire, it's more than capable of getting the most out of it, it's got a 1 GHz processor for goodness sake, my netbook has a 1.6Ghz proccessor in it but that's a laptop !!!! come to think of it, who needs a laptop now I we have the Desire? What I would love to see as a gaget is a docking station so you can view the screen on a second monitor when you're in the house, how cool would that be?… I love the phone, I just love it……

  • anon123

    I hope that HTC will release an update. This smart phone is good as it is, but I think that a lot of people will switch to this side if the support for this phone improves. I for one, will switch to HTC Desire if HTC releases the Froyo update for it.

  • Dennis

    There HAS TO BE an update to Froyo for the HTC Desire. The hardware is one of the best at the moment. And i just bought it 😛


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