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Google Chrome: Stable Release Now Launched for Linux and Mac

If you are a Mac or Linux user we have some good news fro you, Google have recently revealed that stable builds of the fast, secure and popular web browser Google Chrome are now available for your computer.

Currently most Mac users choose to use the Safari web browser, whilst a lot of Linux users choose Firefox, however Google’s Chrome web browser for Windows was regarded ‘unhackable’ at the Pwn2Own contest 2010, therefore has caught the attention of all types of computer users.

Google are also claiming that Chrome is now faster than ever, in a video embedded below you can see how Google have cleverly signified this, the video suggests that Chrome is faster than a potato, sound waves and even lightning, this probably sounds confusing, so check out the video yourself.

If you would like to try out Chrome on your Mac or Linux-based computer check out this link, for more information regarding the Mac release check out this link, for more details regarding the Linux release check out this link.

Source: SlashGear



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