Facebook CEO Admits Mistakes: Zuckerberg Thoughts on Privacy

We have mentioned on a number of occasions about the privacy issues that have concerned many Facebook users. Up until now the social networking site has been very quiet about the issue – but finally its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg admits that mistakes have been made.

Online Social Media explains that Peter Cashmore from Mashable has written an article that explains that Zuckerberg replied to an e-mail about the privacy issue. The respondent was given permission by Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to publish the e-mail.

In that e-mail were how Facebook plan to address the issue, although we did not get to see an apology from Mark – it does explain why the social networking site has not said much until now.

Zuckerberg did say in the e-mail that a bunch of mistakes has been made – we wonder if this is a sign that he and the rest of the team at Facebook are now taking users concerns more seriously now?



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