Dell Streak vs iPhone 4G and iPad

By Peter Chubb - May 25, 2010

We mentioned in our post this morning that the Dell Streak will soon be available on the O2 network in the UK – the strange thing is, the U.S. will have to wait until late summer. This latest device is different in the way that it is both a smartphone and a tablet device – meaning that it will not only battle the Apple iPad but also the upcoming iPhone 4G as well.

The Dell Streak is a kind of hybrid as it is able to do the tasks of a tablet device – although on a smaller scale. We are not certain how the market will react to a smartphone with a 5-inch display, but we will soon find out. The one thing that users will find joyful is how much easier it is to browse the Internet, and lets not forget that the Dell Streak offers full Flash Player support – unlike the iPad or iPhone.

We have established that this is a cross-breed device, but it will in know way be able to compete with the iPad as a tablet device or the iPhone 4G as a smartphone. Both Apple devices know what they are and do it well, but the Dell Streak seems to suffer from an identity crisis.

We have to wonder what Dell expects from the Streak – formally the Mini 5 – the computer giant will have to make its mind up. Do they try to compete in the smartphone or tablet market? – if they hope for both then two separate devices are needed.

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  • saravanan

    apple d best

  • Chris_tangler

    Dell Streak is good…the features and so on. Apple is going to shade AWAY. Same old stuff in iPhone.