Dell Streak Review and Specs: Price and Tariffs Coming

By Peter Chubb - May 25, 2010

If you are looking for a simpler life then O2 believes that the Dell Streak – formally the Mini 5 – is the device for you. This smartphone come tablet will be released on O2 UK early next month – with the carrier suggesting June 4th – before the U.S. and Europe.

Flora Graham from Cnet News had some time to get close and personal with the upcoming device – well the prototype version anyway. We know that the Dell Streak will run on Android OS 1.6, but we mentioned in a recent post that that this will be upgraded to version 2.2 FroYo by the end of the year. The reason for the delay is that the tablet runs a custom UI, which takes longer to get newer versions of Google Android to run on.

For those of you who thought that the HTC HD2 was big, you have not seen the Streak – its like Harry Potter standing next to Hagrid. The Dell Streak is like the HD2 where it can make phone calls – but you will look a bit silly holding this huge slate-like device to your ear.

However, the Streak goes one step further than the HD2, and that it is a tablet device as well – the 1GHz Snapdragon processor is more than capable of handling all that is asked of it. The device certainly comes in handy when browsing the Internet thanks to its larger screen, and the fact that it fully supports the Adobe Flash Player.

The Dell Streak has a lot to prove and not certain if it will compete in this tough market – only time will tell. Visit O2 where they will keep you informed of what the price of the handset and tariffs will be.

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  • Chris_tangler

    Dell Streak is going to shake the market and apple kind of competitors…This is one of the best phones ever…+ wow browsing experience…moreover, Android, freedom of applications. Good job Dell…you have done it again.

  • daniel

    I’ve seen it priced as £399 pay as you go, which is cheaper than an

    (non 3g) ipad. I got it for £59 plus £35 a month on an 18 month 300 min unlimited data contract, which is significantly cheaper than an iphone 4.

    So price wise it’s very competitive.

    Personally I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s an amazing device.

    Oh and I typed this on my dell streak 😉

  • dondep

    So how much will the Streak cost? I've scoured the web, even the official Dell site doesn't show pricing. The only price I found was on the Carphone website, and it shows a price of 439 British pounds, which works out to $627.33 US. Whew! Half the size of the iPad and it costs that much more?? And that's without a data plan or voice plan – "handset only". I can only hope they bring the price down to where it's competitive; Matricom shows an Android device, 7" screen, for $120 new on Amazon. I wonder what price the "late summer" intro to the US market is going to be? Anyone know anything about that?

    • LadyBT28

      My husband received his Dell Streak on a call plan with O2 business. We have 700 shared minutes, I have just got a Blackbury Storm and he has the Dell as our contract is up.
      Have been with O2 ages but the contract only costs £50. On top of this there has been a refund of £250 as well!!!!
      The O2 contracts for this an only be described as a steal! The Dell is brilliant.

    • aniket495

      $ 627 is right….but u can get it on O2 for a 2 year contract at the rate of $35 per month…..get its a steal much better than ipad….

  • Robbie

    "belive me iam writing this with my streak"

    Guess this explains the typos? 😉

  • edwin

    I got my streak yesterday !!! I have been apple all the while. Got this from O2 for data plan. arrrived yesterday been playing around. I had a negative thought about DELL till i got this. I used to compare ipad with this model. i had written a lot of negative comments before i could look at this model. I think i was stupid. There are a lot of people who have written negative about this product before having a look at this. This is one product that can prove them wrong. Some comments written by me were big to be used as a phone. Clearly you read this is data first and vioce second device. You have a bluetooth to make calls. I havent made any calls need to get the voice plan. Beautiful device. Excellent speed to surf the net. belive me iam writing this with my streak. I wish there were more colours. This device shouldnt be compared with iPAD or iPHONE. this has its own identity.