Celebrity Hummer Owners: Death of one of oddest trends

When the Hummer first left the battle field and hit the automarket we all thought what a strange concept, it was not until celebrities started driving around in them that we started to fall in love with the ugly beasts. There have been a number of celebrity hummer owners – none more so than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If it were not for him, then chances are we would never have seen these huge SUVs on the streets today. Rappers and football stars have all fell in love with the Hummer, so it came as bad news that the last Hummer H3 rolled of the production line today.

Matthew Schofield from the Kansas City Star has made a unique statement towards the beginning of his article saying that he believes that “it marks the death of one of the oddest trends in American.” There are those who have never liked the oversized SUV, but we have to think of them as an institution.

There are two ways that we will remember the Hummer, racing across the desert trying to avoid sniper fire or driving through the streets with your ride all blinged up in order to get noticed. Either way today is a sad day one that should go down in history.



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