Android 2.2 Froyo Update: Problems after installing

By Alan Ng - May 25, 2010

Some particularly worrying news to report to our readers now, as it has been reported that the recent OTA update to Android 2.2 Froyo on the Nexus One handsets was released premature.

As reported from Phandroid, Nexus One owners were surprised a few days ago, when they found out that the update to Froyo was available on their handset just days after Google’s I/O event.

But it turns out that the update, also available from Google’s website, was removed shortly after and now reports are suggesting that the premature update could cause problems for your handset.

Noted issues following installation of the 2.2 update include battery life, faulty voice controls, and a lack of features that were meant to be ‘advertised’ as coming upon release.

How do you feel about the fact that you may have an ‘unfinished’ update on your handset? Have you noticed any of the problems listed above after installing?

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  • andy buck

    up dated my new samsung Galexy S to 2.2 the day i got it, everything is working fine apart from the bluetooth. I use i in car bluetooth hands free (Parrot) and drops out after every call, or wont even connect. also bluetooth sometimes dont even work at all. anyone got any ideas ??

  • jess

    I did a recent android system update (last night) on my samsung intercept and just before it was done updating it stopped for like 10 minutes with only an inch left, then it gave me a red triangle, went to a weird screen, I pressed reboot. it rebooted and froze on the second samsung screen. I see most of the posts here are from a while ago, but this seems like the same problem because I never got a prompt to update it until last night. I called sprint and they said it was a widespread problem.. is there any fixing this or am I just out of a phone because I followed an update prompt?

  • caravelle

    I installed android 2.2 in my hd2 everything was ok until I dit a reboot and now I cannot boot in android but WM

    Can can I do


  • icemanhascometh

    my droid got the froyo update 4 days ago and i have to say that im actually disappointed with it. I noticed that when facebook opens up all of the photo albums say there are no photos in the albums. i know its not a huge deal but it is still an issue whether it be a facebook one or a software one, either way it needs to be fixed. I also noticed that the "Latitude" also has a major problem , like a 30 mile problem, even when i refresh , still puts me 3 to 4 towns over from where i live. Its not like i am out in the middle of nowhere either.Adobe flash 10.1 still not available either, that is the main thing that i am curious about. Other than those few things i think my phones working okay, still haven't had a lot of time to mess around with it.

  • mcspeak

    When I downloaded 2.2, it fried my phone. It will not even boot up. Verizon is replacing my phone and hopefully they will be able to save some of my information.

  • gbs

    Official 2.2 release for HTC Desire installed 2 days ago. I lost the picture application but more to the point since then maps and other apps requiring location are u/s and one reports that 'location' facilities need to be activated in 'Settings' but there is no setting there to adjust. Any ideas out there?

  • steve

    i installed froyo on my Motorola droid and everything working fine but now i cant use my home button or search button only menu and back button i know that its not a problem with the droid because when i hit th button it still gives feed back by vibrating but dose not go to my home page can anyone help me or let me know if thy have the same problem?

  • Bob

    Hi I got a push notification as a OTA and installed the new release, unfortunately after the installation the device has become unstable can not open any of the application in my list have to force close in addition a issue with low memory even if I have managed to clean almost everything.

    Any ideas on how to roll back the previous OS version or when a fix might come out would be greatly appreciated.

    Concerned Nexus One owner


    I've installed the 2.2 Andrvyd trouble shooting and I Vayls

  • kkk

    I did a manual update and everything is fine except for some application that crash but this has been immediately solved with a new release of those application.

  • Jeffrey Blattman

    TFA needs to get some facts straight.

    there is no 2.2 OTA update, yet. google upgraded a very small subset of "review" nexus ones that were given out to the press at google i/o. this was not an official build. it was pre-2.2.

    the general populace discovered the link to that upgrade, and copied off the file, then manually installed it on their non-review nexus ones.

    google never said they released 2.2, nor did they release it OTA. if folks want to inspect log files and find non-public URLs and install non-official ROMs on their phones, good for them, but it hardly gives android 2.2 a black eye if they have problems.

  • JJ

    This update was a beta release to members of the press and google staff only. It was released to T-Mobile Nexus Ones that were given out prior to the official release (to press and google employees).

    It is NOT the final build and was a beta release, not the final release. This has been documented in many places. One of the few that received this OTA leaked the path to the update to tech bloggers who posted it out to the world. becuase of this, many people updated their phones thinking it was the official release when it was not.

    This article is completely false and needs to be re-written. Its like expecting a beta of a new Windows OS to run completely smooth just because the .ISO was leaked…right.

  • Leonard

    I did the manual update on my T-Mobile Nexus one and I do have speed and everything but my drains from 100 to 95 in seconds I was wondering What was going on how do I change back to ere27 for the official release

  • Az

    Wu – u r a jerk

  • Wu > Ng

    I believe Froyo 2.2 OTA wasn't working correctly because it was still beta and only meant for selected testers. And hackers got a hold of a copy and tried to run it on their test system.

    Nice journalism, NG. Does your work pay bills yet? I bet a non-attention-whoring blog like this one will certainly fire up your hardcore audience, if there is one.