What suit to wear to a job interview?

There are so many things that are important when going to a job interview, but none more so than first impressions. To get off to the right start you need to make certain that you are dressed correctly – so knowing what suit to wear could be key to your success.

If you do not look the part – then chances are the interviewer would have already made up his or her mind. It does not matter what job you go for, wearing a suit shows that you can make an effort and is a sign of respect – something that can a long way in a job interview.

Boardroomties has a point when they say that if you are not dressed correctly, then all of your planning and your CV will mean nothing. As we said, always wear a suit – the colors of choice are black, dark grey or navy blue. If you have to go for a second interview with the same company – then it is best to wear a different suit. Just make certain that they are clean with no bobbles or frays.

Getting the shirt and tie right is also very important; make certain that the shirt is white and the tie is silk. To understand the importance of this please visit



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