Twitter for iPhone App: Did you download?

On Wednesday the new Twitter for iPhone app was launched – although it was just Tweetie 3.0. The reason for this is because the micro-blogging site has bought Tweetie – so how will the users like the new name and owners?

Lance Whitney from Cnet News picks up on the fact that this update is not revolutionary; but does offer a number of enhancements over Tweetie 2.0 – we do wonder if it is worth the $2.99? This is the price that we all pay, even if you have a previous version and wish to upgrade.

There are some features that will be very useful, like not needing a Twitter account to use some of the features in the application. These include: looking at the hottest tweets and trends, as well as looking for tweets from twitter users near your location.

The search feature in Tweetie was never that great, Twitter has improved on this – allowing you to search from the same page. It was only a matter of time before Twitter had its own app as it often caused confusion while searching the Apple App Store – the question is has it been worth the wait?

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