Sunscreens May Speed Cancer: Biggest Offenders List

When we go out in the sun we are all warned to use sunscreen to help protect us against the suns harmful rays, but a recent study shows that these creams may speed cancer. According to the Environmental Working Group there are certain ingredients that could cause skin tumors as well as lesions.

The EWG has studied 500 sunscreen products and recommends just 39 of them – that’s just 8 percent. There are many reasons why a number of these products failed the seal of approval from EWG, one of which is that the SPF 50 cannot be substantiated.

Ariel Schwartz’s article on Fast Company reports that retinyl palmitate, which is a form of vitamin A is found in sunscreens and when applied to the arms, back, chest, face and legs could increase skin cancer by 41 percent.

Some of the sunscreen products that are at risk include: Rocky Mountain Sunscreen High Exposure, shelter broad spectrum sunscreen, Rx Suncare Sport Sunblock and many more. For the complete list of sunscreen products good and bad can be found here.



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