Samsung ups transparent AMOLED display to 19-inches

By Peter Chubb - Jul 4, 2014

CES 2010 showed us many great things – Samsung’s 14-inch transparent AMOLED display was one of them. However, the Korean consumer electronics maker has now upped that size to 19-inches – thats a 30 percent increase in just five months.

We are not certain how this technology will be used yet, but according to who translated this report from ETNews, it will be used at netbook shows, car windshields and helmets as HUDs. Engadget explains that maybe TomTom could incorporate its use in some way, which would be needed if this were the direction display technology will go in.

Samsung have a busy year ahead, not only are they building on this technology they also aim to have a 40-inch OLED TV sometime next year. So you may have the first large screen OLED 3D TV in 2011 – watch this space.

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