Red Dead Redemption: Sold out already on Xbox 360, PS3?

By Alan Ng - May 24, 2010

Despite only being on sale for one week, or a few days if you’re in Europe, we have heard numerous reports of stock shortages for Rockstar’s Western hit Red Dead Redemption.

As reported from MCVUK, the PS3 version is said to be the platform which is suffering the most from shortages, as retailers are blaming suppliers for the shortages of the game.

A spokesperson for UK retailer GAME had this to say on the matter: “We think it’s more to do with lots of people buying it rather than limited stock. I’ve been in-store all morning and it’s flying out of the door.”

We knew this game would be good, but did any of you expect it to do this well? Even analyst Michael Pachter recently admitted that he ‘got it wrong’ when predicting that the game wouldn’t do so well for Rockstar.

Let us know if retailers near you have low supplies of the game or not.

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  • aigars

    littlehampton and all the towns around dont have it either. OUT OF STOCK :((

  • dani

    Dorset all shops that stock it here don't have it either ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Jason

    There is none at all anywhere in Northern Ireland from what I can tell :/ This is pissing me off something shocking!!

  • lyndon mahoney-brown

    none in tesco, asda, game, gamestation, graingers, pc world, currys, comet, sainsburys, morrissons in hull…… game had 67 this morning but they have already sold them all!

  • patrick smith

    Nothing in Staines! outskirts of london nor any shops i have been into in a 20 mile radius! we have a game drought! help me i want this game!

    although i did ring game this morning and they said they got a delievery coming in before 5pm to restock the game if its even in there! they better have 100+ copies!

  • yoooo

    non in The Netherlands left

  • James

    Nothing in Cardiff HMV, Game or Gamestation.

  • John

    Argos Ramsgate has some

  • terry

    none in newcastle AT ALL!!

  • Myles

    None anywhere in Watford…..

  • cal

    OMG everywhere in my area has got no stock rniand I qued up at 9:00 this morning to get the game and then to get told that its not in stock yet!
    Please Can I Get Red Redemption soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scott

    no stock in argos, pc world, currys, tesco or hmv in Durham

  • Ant

    every store near me has sold out!
    “We think it’s more to do with lots of people buying it rather than limited stock"
    Thats limited stock u moron! i need this game and am clearly bitter! 8)

  • Staive

    Game in Witney Oxfordshire had no PS3 titles for launch day and will not have the limited edition version (the one I pre-ordered) until Tuesday 25/05/2010

  • neil

    my name is neil ilott and i come from england and i like dogs and in this game u can kill children like in fallout 3!!!!! 😀

  • JBJB

    No stock in London Victoria GAME or HMV…