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Nokia N8 vs N97: Improved Benchmarks Thanks To Processor Speed

When Nokia released the N97 last year many believed that this handset could set a new benchmark for future Nokia smartphones, however as soon as you got your hands on the handset it was obvious that the performance was nowhere near comparable to handsets such as the iPhone 3GS.

This slow performance is mainly due to it’s ARM 11 434 MHz processor combined with a somewhat outdated Symbian operating system, we are now hearing that the Nokia N8’s 680MHz processor combined with the Symbian^3 OS completely overshadows the N97’s performance.

In a benchmark test called “Speed Go!” (for Symbian devices) the Nokia N8’s test result was 180-percent higher than the Nokia N97, this proves that the N8 should be a lot snappier than the N97, lets just hope Symbian^3 proves to be a stable and intuitive OS.

During Finestfones’ benchmarks they also tested the N8’s 3D graphics performance with a test called FPC Bench 3D graphics, scores were impressive, in fact it maxed out the scores with 60 frame-per-second in each test.

Source SlashGear



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