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New iPhone 4G/HD: White model coming soon?

With just two weeks remaining until the start of WWDC, we have some more iPhone 4G rumors to share with you, this one being particularly significant as we have the first pictures of a supposed white model in action.

As reported from BGR, the white iPhone 4G pictures have surfaced from Taiwanese website, who was also the website responsible for leaking the white casing for the iPhone 4G, or iPhone ‘HD’.

Upon close inspection of the pictures though, they don’t appear to look like the polished models that we saw leaked by Gizmodo and then by Tinhte. Instead, this just looks like a custom case being fit onto a random unit, just for show and tell purposes.

What are your thoughts on the white iPhone 4G? Do you think this particular model is a fake or not? I do think that a white model will release, but it won’t look like this.

Check the pictures out through the link.



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