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Microsoft is all about the money – Xbox 360 Discussions

We have some more comments from industry analyst Michael Pachter to share with you now, as he has recently stated that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console will ‘never’ get a web browser update in the future.

As reported from VG247, Pachter made the bold comment when speaking in the latest episode of GameTrailers show Pach Attack.

When quizzed on the possibility on the console getting a web browser like the PS3, he had this to say: “The 360 doesn’t have a browser, and never will, because Microsoft’s vision when they made the original Xbox was to own the internet. ”

He then explained this, by saying that this is all down to ownership. Since Microsoft would want to own the internet and control what passes through their Xbox 360, the likelihood of a web browser happening is slim to none.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his interview came towards the end when he had this to say about Microsoft:

”Microsoft is going to end up charging you for everything you do, but they won’t charge you; they’ll charge the person you’re paying.”

Let us know your thoughts on this comments. Do you agree with him about the web browser claims or not?


  • Steve

    Breaking news, Sony, Nintendo and all other large corporations have filed for charity status leaving Microsoft as the only major corporation still commited to making money!
    It's a wonder that Patcher still gets any work, he's a terrible analyst.

    Maybe that's why he is now choosing to predict the bleeding obvious, Microsoft's focused on making money what a suprize!

    I predict Nintendo will not give MS the rights to develope Mario games for the 360 as an early christmas present and Sony wont give all there Blu-Ray royalties to Oxfam.

    Now, can I have patcher's job please?

  • Darren

    thats old news. but does ”Microsoft is going to end up charging you for everything you do, but they won’t charge you; they’ll charge the person you’re paying” does that mean thier going to charge internet providers?

  • Scoob

    Patcher is clearly quite mad, but nowhere near as mad as the semi-evolved morons at PR who write this garbage.

    Are you sure you have a degree Al? I can`t tell by reading this peice , thats for sure.

    • Darren

      completely agree


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