Killzone 3 (PS3): 8 Screenshots, Expectations, Info and Rumors

By Jamie Pert - May 24, 2010

If you are looking forward to the arrival of Killzone 3 this article should be an interesting read for you, not only are there are 8 scans from a recent issue of the GamePro magazine, but there are also a list of expectations along with plenty of interesting details regarding the PS3 exclusive.

Let’s start with the scans, there are 8 scans in total which can all be seen here, we have embedded an image showing a few of these scans at the end of this post, sadly the images aren’t very clear, therefore hardcore Killzone fans should buy the issue of GamePro.

Here’s where things get interesting, we are hearing that Uncharted 2’s developer Naughty Dog co-created Killzone 3’s graphics engine, which means we may well see visuals which are on par with Uncharted 2, many regard Uncharted 2’s graphics as the best for a console game.

Recently we saw the Halo: Reach beta show off impressive looking jetpacks, we have now heard that Killzone 3 will also feature jetpacks, this combined with 3D capabilities should ensure that Killzone 3 offers a pretty unique gaming experience.

A member of the GameSpot UK forums called SCRAWL posted a list of his Killzone 3 expectations, we will summarize these briefly, however if you check out Examiner’s article you can read full details.

SCRAWL expects Killzone 3 to feature artic levels, a mission where you have to recruit ISA Captain Narville, similar combat to Killzone 2 (ignoring the jetpacks), jetpacks will be explosive and there will be a new weapon called the Wasp, which fires a “flurry of rockets”.

Do you like the sound of Killzone 3?

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