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iPhone OS 4.0: Apple’s Target Release Date Revealed?

Back in April this year Apple’s Steve Jobs confirmed that iPhone OS 4.0 will be released sometime this summer, now we have heard from a few of our sources that the OS could arrive sooner then expected.

According to the International Business Times it seems as if Apple’s target release date for iPhone OS 4.0 is June 7th, we have no official confirmation of this, however IBT’s article suggests that this release rumor came from Apple’s iPhone strategic partner Foxconn.

Details regarding the upcoming mobile OS are beginning to emerge thanks to several Beta versions which have been in developers hands, these Beta versions prove that the proper release shouldn’t be too far away.

As we hear of more solid information regarding iPhone OS 4.0 and a release date we will keep you posted, if you would like to read more on this topic and even see a hands-on video with iPhone OS 4.0 (beta) check out the source link below.

Source: Examiner


  • MIke

    good catch. I hope it does release today. I think they have to since everyone without an iphone went out and bought sprints evo crap. We will see and time will tell.

  • VTRenegade

    I never say much online, but all the guessing and rumors over the past few months regarding the release of the new iPhone whatever apple chooses to call it have driven me nuts because it is just a bunch of wishy washy repetitive crap. Finally I am willing to make a statement of my own as an iPhone 3GS user, and huge fan I clearly believe that Apple will release the 4.0 OS TOMORROW!

    Mark my words I made this simple conclusion based upon one fact, and one fact only. Whenever I back up, and snyc my phone it tells me my software is up to date, and it shows me in iTunes a future date, that it will check for available software updates next. Usually that date is I believe roughly two weeks out. Today when I connected my phone to my pc I noticed when I was done that the fture next available software check in date was not two weeks out but instead it is in fact 06-07-2010.

    Coincidence? Maybe, but I find it highly unlikely since I was previously informed of the release of the 3.0 OS days in advance by an Apple Tech prior to it’s release date, and sure enough as we got closer these dates, when I would back up my phone and it would check the next update date again, the date became limited to the future date that they released OS 3.0 on then the dates to check for future software releases went back to being approx. 2 weeks.


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