iPhone 4G Release Date: What month do you expect it?

As we slowly move towards Apple’s WWDC 2010 in June, debate is still mounting on when Apple will actually release their new iPhone 4G device. We know it will be ‘announced’ at the event, but a release could still be quite far off.

At the moment, it seems as if phone owners predict Apple to announce and release the next iPhone sometime in June. While some rumors have suggested that the release will happen during the event itself, others believe that the handset will be released sometime after the event.

Then there is also the possibility that Apple will release the handset in July, just like they did with their 3GS – although the first iPhone was available at the end of June, way back in 2007.

Could the iPhone 4G even be available in August or later? We hope not, but you never know with Apple. Let us know what month you think the handset will be available.

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