iPhone 4G release and Android 2.2 phones: Windows Phone 7 Confrontation

By Peter Chubb - May 24, 2010

This year will certainly be the year of the smartphone, not only is it expected that Apple will launch its fourth-generation iPhone – the 4G – but also Microsoft will launch its Windows Phone 7. This new phone has a lot of weight to carry – as it’s sole job is to revive Windows Mobile OS. However, Google will not make it easy with the constant stream Android handsets.

The industry has been making some loud noises about Windows Phone 7 – yes it may be much better then the older Windows Mobile OS, but will it be able to handle a confrontation with the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 and Google Android 2.2 FroYo?

Although we have to remember than by the time Microsoft launch Windows Phone 7 we could have Android 2.3 by then. It is not all about the software either, Android and iPhone OS are backed by solid handsets, so Microsoft needs to make certain that they have the hardware to match.

There are those who believe that Microsoft does not have what it takes to compete with Apple and Google – and there has to be some truth in that. With the launch of the rumoured iPhone 4G next month; Nicholas Kolakowski from eWeek believes that 24 million units will sell before the year is out – this is something that Microsoft will never be able to do.

Do not get us wrong, we do not want to see Windows Phone 7 fail – the harder time the mobile OS can give its competitors, the more they will up their game and offer us better mobile operating systems.

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