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iPhone 4G release and Android 2.2 phones: Windows Phone 7 Confrontation

This year will certainly be the year of the smartphone, not only is it expected that Apple will launch its fourth-generation iPhone – the 4G – but also Microsoft will launch its Windows Phone 7. This new phone has a lot of weight to carry – as it’s sole job is to revive Windows Mobile OS. However, Google will not make it easy with the constant stream Android handsets.

The industry has been making some loud noises about Windows Phone 7 – yes it may be much better then the older Windows Mobile OS, but will it be able to handle a confrontation with the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 and Google Android 2.2 FroYo?

Although we have to remember than by the time Microsoft launch Windows Phone 7 we could have Android 2.3 by then. It is not all about the software either, Android and iPhone OS are backed by solid handsets, so Microsoft needs to make certain that they have the hardware to match.

There are those who believe that Microsoft does not have what it takes to compete with Apple and Google – and there has to be some truth in that. With the launch of the rumoured iPhone 4G next month; Nicholas Kolakowski from eWeek believes that 24 million units will sell before the year is out – this is something that Microsoft will never be able to do.

Do not get us wrong, we do not want to see Windows Phone 7 fail – the harder time the mobile OS can give its competitors, the more they will up their game and offer us better mobile operating systems.


  • steve

    two words: cloud gaming. what does microsoft own that google and apple could never compete with? xbox 360 and facebook. currently 2 of the most popular platforms in america. and what do these 2 things have to offer windows phone 7? cloud computing… hypothetically within the next 6 months to a year microsoft has the potential to relaease a device that allows you to store all of your music and movies and documents and any other content on your facebook so there would be no purpose in taking up space and wasting time on loading that into a limited 32 GB device. you would have unilimited space provided to stream your content to your device. the next asset is the xbox 360 which is already a full home theater center waiting to take over. with cloud gaming you could have a game play in your xbox and stream it to your windows 7 phone allowing you to have the ultimate portable gaming machine along with streaming your netflix queue that is already synced up with millions of xbox's. meaning the newest movies to netflix instant watched could be enjoyed on your windows 7 phone. another aspect for it is the integrating of the zune marketplace cloud system which would have a truly unilimited library of millions of songs at your disposal at any time. also the deal struck between ESPN and xbox live to have live sports events and sportscenter available for streaming on the xbox could also sync up with the windows 7 phone operating system..

    microsoft has seen the future and it is the cloud. the phone just needs to be fast enough to be an internet portal capable of running applications streaming from faster machines like your computer, your xbox, or the servers ran by companies like microsoft or netflix. all of which can provide all of your entertainment and communication needs in a simple device. the Evo 4g and the droid incedible and the apple iphone 4 are all great devices. but google and apple do not have the same connections and money that microsoft has.
    were talking about essentially an update which will culminate in microsoft running devices on your computer, phone and television and making your life that much easier.

    and none of this has even included the fact that microsoft is a key playter in hulu and already has close relations with many of the major media conglomerates which could easily make a switch to providing essentially cable access through hulu to stream to your xbox, computer, or windows 7 phone. its a revolution. a communication and entertainment revolution and i think microsoft has either planned it all along or realized it had all the pieces of the puzzle it just needed to put it together.


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