Halo: Reach – Global Release Date Officially Announced by Bungie

By Jamie Pert - May 24, 2010

Now that the Halo: Reach beta has finished many gamers have been awaiting the official release date announcement for the Xbox 360 exclusive, we are glad to report that Bungie have officially announced the global release date.

Halo: Reach will globally launch on September 14th, this date applies to all regions with one exception, gamers in Japan will have to wait one extra day.

The release date announcement was expected pretty soon as the beta proved to be stable and extremely popular, apparently during the 18 days of availability the beta saw 1.1 billion kills, 16 million hours of gameplay and over 2.7 million players log on.

We have not yet heard of suppliers taking pre-orders for the game, therefore as we hear more information we will have to keep you posted.

Will you buy Halo: Reach on September 14th? Or has the beta put you off?

Source: JoyStiq

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