Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge: First Photos?

We know that Ferrari is working on the 458 Italia Challenge, but as yet we have yet to see any photos of the new supercar. We have to wonder if the image courtesy of Axis of Oversteer could be the first shots? Take a look and let us know what you think.

According to Autoblog, no one has yet to claim that this is in fact the real image, but looking closely it all looks to be as it should – well apart from a few details. You will notice that the usual five-lugs have been replaced for Formula One style single lug units, with those wheels hiding carbon ceramic brakes.

The Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge looks to be sitting a little lower than the standard edition, and those restyled aero parts will make it more slippery to gain some extra speed and downforce.

Some of the other areas of the car look a little rough – these are all signs that this is just a rough prototype. There are also some areas of the car that will not make it to the final version – that’s if the image is real.

Take a look at the image via the link above, do you think it is the real deal?



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