Edible Tableware: Modern Living

In recent years the environment has always seemed to be one of the most talked about topics in the news. Many different ways for people to be greener and help the environment are becoming available all the time.

The latest clever way to be greener is edible cutlery, plates, and bowls. The edible bowls are made from hardtack which was traditionally used for dry emergency food at sea, and is a biscuit like dough made from water, flour, and salt. As long as these are kept dry they will last months.

Startup Dunia are showcasing products from a company called BK Environmental Innovations that has come up with edible knives, forks and spoons. These are made from a mixture of rice, jowar, and wheat flour mix. They can make them in different colors by adding ingredients like spinach (green), or carrot (orange).

One day products like this could see the end of plastic knives and forks, and paper plates. Do you think you could see yourself using something like this?



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