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AutoCAD for Mac: Screenshots Surface – Currently in Beta Stages

AutoCAD users have been restricted to using Windows-based PCs for years now, however a screenshot has recently appeared on ZDNet, which seem to show a beta version of a Mac Edition of the computer-aided-design software.

The screenshot has been embedded at the end of this post, there is a chance it could be photoshopped, however it seems pretty legitimate to me. The person who leaked the screenshot claims that the beta is 64-bit and ran very poorly, however there was at least support for multi-touch gestures.

Since the release of AutoCAD back in 1982 there have been MAC versions released, however they were discontinued during the early 90’s. Now with the ever-growing popularity of Macs, especially in the commercial environment, maybe the next few years could see a huge change in the CAD market .

If you would like to find out more about AutoCAD for Mac check out two ZDNet articles, one titled “Evidence of AutoCAD ‘Mac Edition’ surfaces“, and the other titled “Is a shake-up coming to the Mac CAD market?



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