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AT&T Early Termination Fee: Changes to ETF Explained

When peoples circumstances change, sometimes contracts need to be terminated early, lets just hope that you are not an AT&T looking to terminate your contract early, as their ETF will soon be increased.

We are hearing that from June 1st AT&T’s relatively cheap early-termination-fees will be a thing of the past, currently AT&T charge just $175 for most of their smartphones, however in 8 days times this charge will be almost double to $325.

This $325 charge will only apply if you do not complete a month of your contract, for each month that you do complete the ETF will be reduced by $10, which is pretty fair in my opinion.

To be honest you can’t really criticize AT&T’s ETF, if you agree a contract you should really see it out, however if the carrier isn’t delivering the coverage, which they promised, perhaps they should decrease the cost.

Do you agree with AT&T’s ETF changes?

Source: SlashGear



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