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Apple WWDC 2010: Not just iPhone 4G

If you were thinking that Apple’s upcoming WWDC event in San Francisco was just about the iPhone 4G, think again, as their website has provided detailed information on what else is going on at the event.

Aside from the expected reveal of the iPhone 4G handset, Apple will also be showcasing their newest range of MacBook Pro models, as well as their new iAd system and of course – a more thorough analysis of iPhone OS 4.0.

Over at their developers website, they have listed other topics which will be highlighted during the event which starts on June 7th. According to Apple, there will be over 100 technical sessions to watch and you also be able to participate in their hands-on labs and work directly with Apple engineers.

If you fancy something else, Apple will also be holding lunchtime events during WWDC, in which industry experts and guests will be demonstrating how Apple’s technology will work within their respective products.

If you are seeking further feedback from Apple regarding some of their latest products, there will also be some Q&A sessions, as well as some fun trivia sessions, allowing you to test members of Apple’s community.

Last but not least, there will be an evening party in which you’ll be able to enjoy food and drink, while chatting to members of Apple’s engineering teams.

So there we have it. There is a lot more going on at this year’s WWDC event, then the hottest phone on the planet. Give us your thoughts on this.



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