Android Overtake iPhone 4G in 2010: Steve Jobs says “Not a chance”

We reported earlier that Steve Jobs will kick off the WWDC 2010 in a couple of weeks on June 7, and speculated on some of the things he could be covering. The thing most people are looking forward to hear about is any new iPhone model.

With the roll out of Android 2.2 recently beginning for the Nexus One, you could be forgiven for thinking Apple was starting to be left behind. Jared Newman on PC is running a story about an email from Steve Jobs.

In the email from Apple’s CEO he is quoted to be saying Apple Fans “won’t be disappointed”, and on Google’s Android overtaking the iPhone he says’s “Not a chance”. This will surely stoke up the fire leading to the event in a couple of weeks time.

Do you think Apple have anything to worry about? Let us know what you think. Click on the link above for the full story.


  • Alan

    Android is gaining momentum! This new iPhone better surpass HTC Incredible or HTC EVO, or we'll see history repeated(mac vs pc in the 80's and 90's) My contract ends in july, so based on this new iPhone I'll be deciding which one to support

  • avi

    Not interested in Apple products at all. I’m going Android now!

  • Charlie

    There's not a chance? Too late. We are not even in the fourth quarter yet, and while total numbers are lower because of Apples head start, total NEW subscribers, and people leaving Apple and moving to Android have already supassed the Iphone.


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