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Alan Wake (Xbox 360): Second DLC Called ‘The Writer’ Price and Info

Alan Wake has only been released for just over a week, however it seems as if it’s developer Remedy Entertainment are doing their utmost to keep the game fresh by releasing DLC, previously we have spoken about ‘The Signal’ DLC , we are now hearing details regarding the game’s second DLC, which will be called ‘The Writer’.

Currently we know that ‘The Signal’ DLC will arrive on July 27th, therefore we can pretty much guarantee that ‘The Writer’ DLC will probably launch in August or September, we can confirm that the DLC will set you back 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Apparently this DLC will see Alan Wake finding himself in strange circumstances, the description reads “The Writer, finds Wake in strange circumstances; now fully aware of the thing that opposes him, he must survive one increasingly nightmarish situation after another”.

Personally I am slightly annoyed that two DLC titles have already been announced, obviously you have the choice not to buy them, but it seems these days that some developers are concentrating on DLC more than patching problems and delivering a more substantial game on the disc.

Will you buy both DLCs?

Source JoyStiq


  • KP

    I felt the game was a good length and it had a satisfactory conclusion – take note developers, this is how to do it! I'm looking forward to the DLC as a way to extend the adventure. Whether I buy the second DLC will depend on how good the first one is, but if Remedy are putting as much effort into developing it as they claim then it should be worth it.


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