60 Minutes are Phthalates Safe: Shampoos and Carpeting

There was a time when we all trusted what items we used, these range from our cars, food and health products. A day does not go by when someone does a study and then explains to us that a certain product is bad for us and we should limit its use or stop altogether.

One of the worst things has to be chemicals that is used in our health and cleaning products, the latest to come under fire is phthalates, which is used in a number of plastic items – this is why 60 minutes asked the question – Are Phthalates Safe?

Phthalates is used in shampoos and carpeting, shower curtains and other flexible plastic products. According to Karen Sughrue from CBS News there is even traces of it in our bodies. According to the EPA, Phthalates could disrupt hormone activity – this is why it has been put on the “may present a risk” list of chemicals.

We do not want to worry any one here, but experts believe that phthalates could be the cause of low sperm counts. For more details on this and how this chemical is able to get into our body via the products that wee use visit CBS News



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