2011 Ford Explorer: Police Utility Vehicle

Last month we reported that Ford unveiled its Police Interceptor, which as we know was based on the Taurus. The Detroit automaker also said that they were working on another vehicle for law enforcement officers – we can tell you that that model is likely to be the 2011 Ford Explorer SUV.

According to Autoblog there were rumors that the new police utility vehicle was going to be the Ford Flex, but the Detroit News now believes that this was wrong. Ford is not sharing anything at the moment – not until an official announcement is made.

Detroit News states that the 2011 Ford Explorer Police SUV will have all the usual pursuit-rated specs, and will be in direct competition with the Chevrolet Tahoe, which many law-enforcement departments already use. Although this model is pursuit rated, it is only two-wheel drive – the four-wheel drive model has yet to receive that upgrade.

This could work in Ford’s favor, as police forces in certain areas will need a four-wheel drive pursuit-rated SUV. There are no details on when Ford will introduce this new vehicle, but it will help them keep a 70 percent share in the law-enforcement market.



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