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iPhone 4G Release and Video Conferencing: New Screenshot

The likelihood of the iPhone 4G having the option of video conferencing is getting more possible since the release of a screenshot that seems to show the option working on the device.

Engadget are reporting on a story by Boy Genius Report that shows a screenshot that allegedly comes from a field test firmware that Apple are working on for their next generation of iPhone. The screen shot looks pretty authentic and raises the hope of video conferencing on any new Apple device.

We have spoken before about whether the new iPhone will have this feature and compared it to the HTC EVO 4G that will. We have asked you our readers if you would find this option useful and would use it, and a massive 80% of people polled so far have said yes.

The coming weeks promise to be exciting as more news filters out up to WWDC 10 which starts on June 7th. Would you like to have the option?



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