Easiest Way To Quit Smoking: 10 Ways

Do you smoke and would like to quit but have found giving up really hard? An article has been published that gives smokers ten different ways to stop smoking. Many people quit the habit every day using various ways to achieve giving up, but the main thing is that you must want to give up in the first place.

One common method is for smokers just stopping completely or going “Cold Turkey”. Prescription drugs like Varenicline that is a pill which helps to reduces cravings plus decreases the pleasure someone might get from tobacco products.

Nicotine replacement therapy is also explored, which provides smokers products that replace the nicotine found in cigarettes by the means of gum or patches. Self help books and counseling are amongst the ways explored by the article, with links to the various products and services.


  • Cnote

    Has anyone tried SNUS?

    • Snus is nasty! It is like chewing tobacco, taste disgusting and is probably more likely to get you mouth cancer.

  • Roy Groce

    Best thin I've seen is Chantix, a Pfizer product. Unlike Nicorette and such products, it has NO nicotine (cannot break nicotine addiction by consuming nicotine!) Chantix is a product which affects nicotine receptors in the brain. You wiill be surprised by effectiveness of it! It is expensive-full treatment might be between $300-$400. Ask yourself-"Do I want to spend4-10 dollars a day on cigarettes or spend this money AND be rid of addiction. Answer is quiet simple. If nothing else, as you quit, put away daily amount of money you would spend on sigs; eventually (and not much lomger) you'll save that much and rest of your life, it'll be a bonus


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