Play Pacman on Google: Not just the logo

We reported Yesterday about Google celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man by replacing their logo with a playable version of the classic 1980s game. The game is being made available for 48 hours by Google on their home page, but there are other ways you can play.

The game has been getting great reviews from users, some discovering for the very first time. Others like me and my colleague Alan Ng, are remembering how much we loved to play the game and trying to better our personal high scores. There must be lots of users playing the game as you are reading this post.

By using iGoogle you can add gadgets for more Pac-Man games like Pac-Man Advanced, and Pac-Xon, but that is not all you can even add Super Mario Bros to your home page to play. Have you played the Pac-Man yet, and what version did you prefer?



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