Play Pacman on Google Doodle: Insert Coin – Highest Level?

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2010

Google has once again surpassed themselves with their latest search page Doodle. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of legendary game Pacman, Google has provided a free game which can be played straight from the homepage.

By simply pressing the ‘Insert Coin’ button next to Google Search, you can play a game of pacman and join millions of others re-living their childhood.

What was the highest level that you got to? I only managed to get to level three, but I’m sure you did a lot better. Hopefully the Google Pacman Doodle stays up all day so you can try to beat your best level.

Just to let you know, this is the first time the Google logo has been fully interactive with users, so Namco’s Pacman has also created a little bit of history.

Have fun!

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  • richard

    My friend lisa and i got to level 234 before we finally died

  • Dale

    It goes to level 256. With two player I got to 39.

  • Rucha

    lol i only got to level three…but i didn't know about the 2 player thing till earlier today, you just press insert coin two times and you get a miss pacman too. i had fun playing it with my sister :). I hope they still have it somewhere on their website where you can play even after the anniversary is over..

  • Sophia

    Heey, i have got to level 5 before it goes as follows: cheery, strawberry, peach, another peach, apple, another apple and i have no idea what is after that sorry 🙂 xx
    I hope i helped!! I would guese it goes up to 30 though?? just because it's the 30th anaversary 😛 ByeBye x

  • Jamie

    Double click insert coin to play two palyer

  • Cola-Pirat

    Google is God xD

  • nathanf77

    google is awesome