Old Navy Flip Flop Sale 2010: Store Hours and Location guide

We have some great news for those of you planning to pick up some Summer gear before the weather really starts to get hot, as Old Navy are holding a special sale, in which their range of flip flops will be just $1 per pair!

As reported from Associated Content, the Old Navy sale will take place today at normal Saturday hours. The sale will affect most Old Navy Stores across the U.S, but the special $1 price for flip flops will only be valid for today – 22nd May, 2010.

In order to keep every customer satisfied, you will only be able to pick up a maximum of five pairs. But you can’t really complain with five pairs of flip flops for $5 can you? If you need a pair for the beach, in the house or just casual wear, then today’s Old Navy sale is ideal for you.

Head to this link for the nearest store near you and to confirm store hours in your area. Let us know how many pairs you are planning to pick up.



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